Monday, September 8, 2008

A power shift is underway

I've talked before about the need to join forces -- both to find the future of news (by collaborating with other news organizations) and to find the news itself (by collaborating with the general public). It's not an original idea, of course -- though it sometimes sounds pretty revolutionary within the media world.

Still, this is the point that others who follow broader trends in the world of business and industry are making as well. And they also note that the news business--because it is a business--is not immune to these emerging realities. Specifically, it's a point that Dan Tapscott and Anthony Williams make in their new book, Wikinomics:

"A power shift is underway, and a tough new business rule is emerging: Harness the new collaboration or perish.

"Those who fail to grasp this will find themselves ever more isolated, cut off from the networks that are sharing, adpating, and updating knowledge to create value."

So come on news organizations. Stop operating in isolation. Join forces to create the future. And deliver ever better news.

Photo courtesy of Valerie Everett. Creative Commons license.

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