Saturday, July 12, 2008

That old bit about glass houses

Here's the second nugget worth considering from Howell Raines piece on Romanesko in Portfolio. (The first nugget was here.)

He notes that, "The fogies are in an uproar about the internet's glorification of opinions from a nation of bloggers sitting around, figuratively speaking, in Romanesko's old bathrobes."

Then adds, "Oregonian editor Sandy Rowe... counsels us to ignore the 'journalistic tizzy fit of righteous indignation.' We were never as careful with facts as we claimed to be...."

I agree. Traditional journalists have to be careful about getting all up in arms about the current state of reporting online. It's that old line about glass houses. There were plenty of transgressions from the canon when news came in paper form. It's just that there wasn't an efficient mechanism to identify them and hold the culprits up for scrutiny.

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